Are These the Cars of the Future?

The future is here! Almost…not quite. We are on our way to the world which science fiction writers envisioned. This year alone the tech industry will introduce virtual reality, augmented reality and hoverboards. The car industry is catching on too. The first proper test of self-driving cars has begun by Google and Audi. Are these the cars we should expect to be driving in the future. Or rather, will they be driving us?

Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car

Fancy a ride? Well, the new cars do not look exactly like that. Google’s latest design looks like a smart car that has been stamped on and moulded. It is a little machine that requires very little input from its human passengers to get them where they want to go.

You will not see them on the road just yet. Unless of course you happen to work in Silicon Valley. This is where all the tech geniuses and computer experts in California are. Google will be testing the cars on the roads there in the next few weeks. You can get a sneak peek at the cars in action.

See what we mean? They do not exactly look like those hi-tech hovering sports cars that have been showcased in recent movies. Give them time though.  Google may be taking the lead, but you can bet other car companies like Mercedes and Lamborghini are taking note.

The concept of a car driving itself is probably still a worrying concept for most of the general public. We like being in control. You might prefer to look into buying luxury used cars rather than investing in a self-driving one anytime soon.

But Google is assuring people the cars are safe for road use. They have been put through rigorous testing and come out the other side with full marks. It is the kind of testing that all cars go through before they can be classified as safe to drive. They make sure the vehicle can handle bumpy roads, hot and cold temperatures and of course collisions.

Self-driving cars are already road legal in some states in America. But there is still a big problem. For the cars to work on the highways, they will require special structures and modified roads. This will take time and a significant amount of money. If we are driving these cars in the future, it will not be for another few years yet. The makers of hoverboards had a similar problem when trying to market their product.

However, the cars appear to be incredibly safe. Any fears of malfunctioning technology are being subsided. Forty-eight cars have been out on the roads so far; there have been eleven crashes. Although Google assures us that these accidents were caused by human error only.

It is an interesting idea to ponder. Will road accidents become rare occurrences instead of common tragedies? Are speeding and dangerous driving soon to be problems of the past? Will the “Fast and Furious” film franchise be forced to end? One thing is certain. Advancements in car technology are not showing any signs of slowing down.

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