Are Used Car Parts Worth The Risk?

Cars will break down, and they will need repairing. As a car owner, you have to accept that fact because it is inevitable. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fork out a fortune to fix the problem. If you get creative, there are ways to do it on a job and do it properly. Yes, I am talking about second-hand car parts, which begs the question: are they worth the risk? There are plenty of pros and cons, and it is down to you to make the final decision.

motor vehicle serviceAffordable

When it comes to the price, used auto parts are without a doubt your cheapest option. Like any purchase, if you buy parts directly from the supplier, there is going to be a huge markup on the price. Manufacturers know they are the only supplier because they are the only company that produces car parts for their cars. So, even the smallest repair might break the bank. Once that part has been used, however, the price drops considerably.

Of No Use

The risk is there for all to see: used parts could easily be illegitimate. What makes them positive is what also makes them a possible negative. Because they have been used, you won’t be travelling to reputable dealers to source them. The odds are you will probably buy them off a local mechanic or even from a scrapyard. While that lowers the price, it means that the parts are not regulated, and they might not work. Regardless of how much money you spend, it will always be a waste if the product does not do its job.

How Much Damage Can They Do?

However, you might not see a risk in that equation. A lot of people don’t see spending a couple of quid as a risk; they see it as a gamble that is well worth taking. At the end of the day, what is twenty pound to the average person? It is never going to break the bank, and you always have the option of dealing with the manufacturer if they don’t work. On the flip side, you have everything to gain. For that amount of money, you might repair your car and do it on the cheap in the process. Talk about a ‘win-win’.

Don’t Be Too Sure

Unfortunately, there are plenty of risks involved with buying second-hand parts. Depending on the quality of the product, it could negatively affect other aspects of your car. What started out as a problem with the cooling system could soon lead to a problem with the timing belt. Bits off the used parts can work their way throughout the car and do a lot of damage under the hood. In the long-term, that will cost you a lot more money than a spare tenner that you have in your pants pocket.

For us at Auto Released, there is no doubt a lot of risks attached to any second-hand purchase. Our advice is that you do scrupulous and thorough checks before you make your final purchase. Of course, you might find a hidden gem, but at what cost?

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