Automotive Tools For Your Shop

The mechanics in your shop use automotive tools every day to service cars and trucks. The mechanics bring their own tools on occasion, but there must be a complete set of tools on the shop floor. There are a variety of tools that are needed in every auto repair shop to keep customer vehicles running properly. When the shop owner purchases a complete set of tools, the mechanics in the shop are able to work much faster for every new customer.

Automotive ToolsSockets

A full set of socket wrenches is needed on the floor of the shop as varying makes and models of car come in for service. Mechanics are tasked with fixing problems on cars they have never seen before, and the right tools must be present. Sockets come in a massive range of sizes to suit all of the parts and connection used by carmakers all over the world.

Hammer Wrenches and Air Compressor Tools

Any tool that is powered by compressed air must be present in the shop for daily use. Mechanics cannot be expected to purchase one of these tools on their own, and the tool have cabling long enough to reach every bay in the shop. However, shop owners should be careful to properly train all of their mechanics with these tools. Air hammers and hammer wrenches are powerful tools that are dangerous in untrained hands.

Car-Specific Tools

There are situations where carmakers make specialized parts that can be managed only with specialized tools. The mechanic must have the key that opens the compartment for a spare tire, but the shop must also have tools that are needed for specific types of cars they service.

Computer Units

Computer units are needed to monitor the on-board computer on most new cars. The codes that the car’s electrical system produces tell mechanics what is wrong with the car. However, a diagnostic unit must be present in the shop for this to happen. Work happens much more quickly when a diagnostic unit is available to interpret and produce these codes.

Every shop owner has a responsibility to their employees and customers to outfit their shop properly. The mechanics who work in the shop cannot be expected to bring in all their own tools. Also, customers do not have to wait as long for their cars to be repaired. Choosing the right tools helps to complete work on the shop floor.

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