Avoiding Job Burnout

Owning your own business can be both rewarding and exhausting, and being an owner operator is no different. When you’re just starting out you need to put a lot of effort into finding work, cultivating the right relationships, and building a name for yourself.

This can mean taking unpopular jobs that require being away from home for holidays, weekends, and/or long periods of time.  It also requires being responsible for a lot of paperwork, since one of the perks of being an owner operator is being your own boss.

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It’s not surprising then that many drivers feel overwhelmed or even burned out after being an owner operator for a while. While it is a smart move after you’ve been driving a truck for a while, you do need to consider knowing you’re now essentially running your own business. There are things you can do to avoid burning out quickly as you start down the road as an owner operator.

First, do your homework when looking for owner operator trucking companies and make sure to choose one that seems to fit the opportunities you’re looking for the most. Avoid ones that seem to have high turnover or make claims that sound too good to be true, you’re just starting out and you need some stability.

Sit down and think about exactly how much driving you are willing and able to do each week.  Be realistic about this number and about how important home time is to you. This will help you build a schedule that truly works for you. Yes, you’ll have to compromise sometimes but having your needs and expectations in line can help avoid resentment and burnout down the road. Set a schedule that will still allow you time with your family.

If you start to feel burned out, try and take some time off to relax and recharge, this is much easier to do as an owner operator. While taking some time off, write down what you love about your job and what you find problematic. Work on finding ways to make them less so. Being proactive can work wonders.

While being an owner operator is a new and exciting opportunity for many truck drivers, it’s still something new to adjust to, so don’t overwork yourself as you settle into your new career. If you’re interested in becoming an owner operator, consider working with LeaseToLandstar.com!


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