BMW Is Making A New Electric Mini

The Mini might be one of the most iconic cars in the world, but it’s about to get its most drastic makeover yet. According to a news report by Bloomberg News – and now confirmed by BMW – there are plans to make an all-electric Mini, and it should be here before 2020.

BMW New Electric Mini

At last week’s Paris Motor Show, Mercedes and Volkswagen announced plans to launch a brand new range of all-electric cars – but BMW was surprisingly quiet. Despite pulling an early lead in the EV market with the practical i3 and the stunning i8, the German carmaker didn’t have much to say about sustainable transport at this year’s show.

According to several sources, that’s because most high-level BMW employees were meeting elsewhere to discuss the company’s electric plans. And now we know those plans include the introduction of an EV Mini, and an electric version of the new X3 crossover.With big carmakers now looking to launch entire lines of electric vehicles, it makes sense that BMW needs to think hard before it takes on the likes of Tesla, Nissan – and soon Mercedes and VW. So what can we expect?

Although we don’t know what the new Mini will be like, we can get one or two ideas by looking at existing electric cars, and BMW’s i3. Most electric cars store their batteries at the bottom of the chassis for better weight distribution, and this means BMW will probably have to design a new electric Mini chassis from the ground up. Furthermore, it’s also possible that the new BMW will use an aluminium and carbon fibre mix to keep weight down, and increase the car’s range and efficiency.

When it’s released the new Mini will probably sit somewhere between the more affordable Nissan Leaf and the high-end i3. Mini is already a premium brand, so it’s unlikely BMW will market as a “electric power for the mass market,” vehicle.

While many people are going to complain about a electric Mini for nostalgic reasons, it’s probably a good idea. Making an electric version of a classic is probably the best way to ensure it stays relevant, and the Mini’s compact form is already well suited to an electric powertrain. We’ll see exactly what BMW does with the new Mini in 2019.

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