Bored Of Your Old Car? Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Banger!

Have you been driving past the dealership eyeing up the brand new models? Is your current car making that strange clunking noise under the bonnet? It might just be time to start thinking about an upgrade. Just imagine the fresh new smell of leather and the clean sparkle of a brand new motor. There’s only one thing standing in your way of your dream car. You need to get rid of the old banger. Don’t just scrap it! There are lots of options here, and some are more lucrative than others. Let’s take a quick look.



The most common way to get rid of your old car is to trade it in. When you buy your new model, you trade in your old car at the same time. The resale value is then deducted from the price of your new purchase. It’s simple and quick because everything is taken care of in the same deal. You get rid of your old car, and drive away with the new one in a single afternoon. The only downside here is that you won’t always get the best value from the trade in. But, if efficiency and speed is what you’re after, this the best option.


If your car isn’t worth too much, is it really worth selling it on for peanuts? Wouldn’t it be better to do something good for the local community instead? We stumbled upon this car donation website that distributes old cars to retired veterans. Donating a car will drastically improve their lives, and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction for helping others. You’ll also get a tax deduction for your donation. If the value of your car isn’t too high, perhaps it’s not worth going through the hassle of selling.

Sell to separate dealer

If you are going to take the easy road, and take it to the dealer, make sure you shop around. Most car dealerships are located in the same part of town, so get a few different quotes along the way. Our advice here is to head straight to the dealer who specialises in your make of car. If you’re selling an old Ford Focus, take it to the Ford dealer. They’ll almost always give you the best price. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about selling it on to another dealer. Plus, they have all the spare parts and tools if it needs fixing up.

Sell it privately

If you’re looking for the very best deal, turn your gaze to the private market. Selling your car privately means cutting out the middle man. There are no dealer costs to worry about, so you can keep all the profit for yourself. Not only that, but you can set the price, and negotiate the deal yourself. If you’re looking to squeeze out the most value, this is your best route. You can start by advertising in your local area. Then, head online to private sellers websites, and post your vehicle online.

Once you’ve got rid of your old banger, it’s time to hit the dealership, and buy the car of your dreams!

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