Budget Cars Are A Waste Of Money! Here’s Why

If you only spend a few hundred on a car, you are usually going to end up with a vehicle that has “space ship” mileage, or is a lemon because it has not been well-maintained by its previous owners.

Budget Cars Are A Waste

Some people are convinced that buying such budget cars represent excellent value-for-money, but in today’s blog post I will explain why such purchases are a complete waste of your time and money.


When you drive a car, you expect it to work. What you don’t want it to do is breakdown and potentially leave you stranded until you can contact someone to come and rescue you. Despite those facts, growing numbers of people prefer to drive cars that are about as reliable as a chocolate teapot!

Let’s say that, for argument’s sake, someone gave you a car for free, and it looked about as reliable as the car pictured above. You would still have to pay for it to be taxed, insured and serviced, even if the latter simply comprised of a simple oil and filter change.

You may as well be throwing your money down the toilet by driving around in such a car!

Fuel economy

The older a car gets, the more fuel it will use; at least, that’s what Carl from Sandles car supermarket reckons! And, to be honest, I am inclined to agree with him.

As the internal components of a car’s engine start to wear down, the engine will inevitably be using more fuel and more oil to compensate for any worn components such as piston rings, valves, and cams.

Fuel injectors will be clogged up, causing the once fine and perfect spray pattern from the nozzle to turn into a series of drips, requiring more fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber of each cylinder.

It will eventually get to the point where the costs of running a budget car exceeds those of brand new cars, for example!


Car manufacturers will only know how to create effective safety systems in their models by learning from the past mistakes of their older vehicles.

By driving a car that is at least 10 years old, you will not benefit from the latest in safety systems incorporated into the majority of today’s cars. For instance, the cars of today have a plethora of airbags to create a buffer between the occupants and any damage caused, as a result, of a collision.

It’s not so long ago that cars only had one or two airbags! Other safety systems that we rely on today include electronic stability control, front and rear parking sensors, and even rear-view cameras.


Let’s face it; the budget cars of today that were once the latest models of yesterday do not feature the latest technology. You know you’re in an old car when the head unit on the centre console can play cassette tapes!

Lack of Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary inputs prevent drivers from streaming music or setting up a handsfree system.

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