Build the 2020 Land Rover Defender Of Your Dreams

The first Land Rover Defender was an automotive icon that was heralded for its utilitarian looks and go-anywhere, do-anything capability. The original was so rugged that some owners would wash out the interior with a garden hose. Although you might not get away with hosing down the insides of the new one, the return of the Defender for 2020 is still a big deal for people who want a small but extremely capable SUV.

2020 Land Rover Defender

The new model looks to be a leader in its segment both on- and off-road. That said, production for the new car hasn’t started yet, so we won’t get our hands on the real thing for some time. While we’re left wondering what it’s like to drive, MotorTrend staffers descended on the Land Rover configurator to build their ideal Defender. Everyone had to pick a 110 model to spec because we aren’t getting the 90 until later next year.

There are hundreds of ways to customize the new car, however. Want something perfect for off-roading? You’ll need the Explorer Pack and some stubby all-terrain tires. Going for a more urban feel? Skip the roof rack and raised air intake and opt for the Meridian sound system and three-zone climate control instead. There’s no right or wrong way to spec a Defender; the only sin here would be opting for an Evoque instead.

Given our druthers, here are some of the ways we would build our perfect Defenders.

That keeps the outside free of useless clutter like a roof rack and mud flaps. Next I’d take the black exterior pack. Acorn leather and 14-way heated and cooled seats will keep me nice and cozy as I sit in L.A. traffic, and the Comfort and Convenience Pack plus the three-way climate control will certainly make my time on the 405 a breeze. I went with a white top and Tasman Blue body simply because it’ll compliment the tan interior, that and contrasting roofs are just cool. After the addition of some 22-inch black five-spoke wheels, I’m looking at $69,162.07 all in. Pricey, but I’m willing to bet this is what most Defenders will end up looking like.

I couldn’t resist splurging on the interior, adding the front bench seat purely for the novelty, heated seats, and a three-zone A/C to keep my pups comfortable in back. I rounded out my Defender with every single off-road package available (again, it’d cost way more to replicate the same feature set on the aftermarket) and a tow hitch.

Old Defenders, Land Cruisers, and Patrols surrounded me as a kid. That’s one of the reasons the 2020 Land Rover Defender is so nostalgic. My ideal configuration starts with the 110S trim with 19-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tires, and a Pangea Green exterior. From there I’d add heated and ventilated front seats, two-tone Acorn Windsor leather upholstery, and virtually every option package available except the cosmetic-focused ones for maximum comfort, capability, and safety.

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