Buying A First Car? Make It A Mini

There are plenty of reasons why your first car on the road should be a Mini. First of all, there’s the price, and we know what you’re thinking. Are your really about to argue that the Mini is the best value car for your first buy? Of course not but for the fifteen-twenty thousand that you spend, you are getting a heck of a lot more than your typical hatchback. So, for now, let’s forget about the cost and think about some of the other cooler features about the Mini that you can’t afford to miss.

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Handles Like A Dream

Say what you like about the Mini being overpriced, but that’s just not true when it comes to the handling. No other car can compare to the sheer fun you get with this car on the road. You can let go of your inhibition a little as you approach the corner. Instead of breaking, try accelerating into it and feel it fly without relinquishing control. You can feel the car won’t go an inch out of place with you at the wheel. Since modern minis have a lower suspension like a sports car you almost feel part of the road. You’re connected to it in a way that you may not have felt before. If this is your first time driving, you’re in for a much better experience compared to the friend who bought a Micra. It simply can’t be beaten, and that’s what that extra few thousand gives you. Don’t forget, if the cost is a little steep you can always purchase one-second hand.

Style And Appeal

Any Brit worthy of his buttered scone will tell you that there is no car more stylish than the modern Mini. We think if you park up next to a Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini, it wouldn’t necessarily look out of place. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it could certainly hold it’s own next to a BMW or Mercedes. Don’t forget, this is the car that was made famous in the classic crime caper The Italian Job. It’s the one that has appeared in countless crime thrillers and spy films including The Bourne Identity. Short of buying an Aston Martin, you can’t get much better than that.

Easy To Pay For

Despite the higher tag price compared with most hatchbacks, that doesn’t translate into a more expensive insurance premium. In fact if you use one of the best insurance sites like Money Expert, you can find some awesome incredible deals. So don’t think that this vehicle is going to cost you a fortune on the roads. It probably won’t.


Yes this isn’t the car that will beat a supercar in a drag race, but it doesn’t need to. It can reach 0-60 in under ten seconds which is more than can be said for most hot hatchbacks. It’s also going to give you some thrills on the road, if you’re willing to push it to higher speeds. Oh it can certainly handle them. Just you wait until you start pushing eighty and then tell us this isn’t the perfect car for the thrills of road life.

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