Buying A Used Nissan: A Guide For Savvy Shoppers

Nissan is a car marque that is popular with millions of motorists all around the world. The Japanese firm is well-known for creating practical vehicles, as well as catering for the high-performance market. In fact, one of my favourite high-performance cars is the Nissan Skyline!

Regardless of the model, if you are planning on buying a used Nissan soon, it is imperative that you know the car you are about to buy is roadworthy and legal. This buyer’s guide will tell you all you need to know about buying a used Nissan.

Nissan Skyline!

If you are paying with cash, you will need to set a limit on the amount of money you are prepared to spend on your future pride and joy, and if you are considering financing your Nissan, you will need to confirm that you can afford the finance payments.

The last thing you want to do is buy your dream Nissan and find that you can’t afford to use it because it cost you too much money, and you now don’t have any money spare to keep it on the road!


The average mileage on any car is 10,000 miles per year. So if you are buying a 2004 model, anything over 100,000 miles is above average mileage, and conversely anything below that is below average mileage.

Although legitimate car dealers such as the Pentagon Group will ensure that the mileage on your car has been independently verified, some unscrupulous “back-street” car dealers will illegally modify the car’s odometer to make it look like it has done fewer miles than it has.

The reason dodgy dealers “clock” cars are for the purposes of obtaining more money for the cars they sell. High mileage cars are always worth less than ones that have average or below-average mileage.

Service History

Not all cars come with a service history. And whilst this might not matter if your Nissan is only worth a few hundred, if the model you are about to buy is just a few years old, having a service history will help you to confirm that the car has been maintained properly.

Some people genuinely lose their car’s service history through absent-mindedness, whereas others may deliberately “lose” them in order to mask any pre-existing mechanical or structural problems.

If you have doubts about the service history of the car you want to buy, it is worth paying for an independent assessment of the car. That way, you will have total peace of mind knowing that the Nissan you are about to buy isn’t a lemon!

Accident damage

Different paint shades on body panels, as well as panels that don’t align properly can all be signs that the Nissan you are thinking of buying has been involved in an accident. Bear that in mind when you are scrutinising the exterior of the car.

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