Can Dents Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

The other day I went to a shopping mall in my car and left my Dodge Charger at the parking garage as I normally would, but when I returned to my car a couple of hours later, I noticed that somebody had obviously opened the door on their car a little too hastily and put a big dent in my passenger door!

I only realized there was a problem when I glanced over at my car as I was walking past it to get to the driver’s side, and I tell you, I really had to stop myself crying like a baby at that point! I take great lengths to ensure that my car is kept in immaculate condition, and some idiot goes and spoils the looks of my car!

Affect on car resale value

To be honest, sometimes things like this happen by accident, but what really annoyed me is that the person who did it couldn’t even leave me a note on my windshield to make themselves known, and offering to pay for the damage.

The truth about car dents and resale value

Anyway, I now have to take my Charger down to an auto body shop in College Station to have the dent taken care of, and it’s an expense I could certainly do without! But in amongst feeling angry and frustrated by the whole situation, it got me thinking; can dents affect a car’s resale value, and if so, by how much?

Well, actually, all dents can affect a car’s resale value – to a certain degree. In order to attain the highest value possible for your car when you want to sell it, it has to be in immaculate condition inside and out (like my car was, until the parking garage incident).

Generally, if your car has one or two really small dents that are hardly noticeable unless you are close up to the car, such as those caused by rocks being thrown up from the road, you probably won’t lose more than a few bucks off the value.

But if your car is all beat up and every body panel looks like someone has taken a hammer to it, you can expect your car to be classed as “poor condition” even if the interior is like new and the car is mechanically sound.

How to repair dents on your car

If you roll around in a high-ticket car such as a Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Ferrari, you are going to want to keep your car in top condition so that you can get as much money for it when you want to sell it. So, if it has a few unsightly dents, here are some of the common ways of ditching those dents:

  • DIY (do-it-yourself) – if you like to take charge of repairs to your car, you could always fix the dents yourself. There are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube to help you out, and you can even buy “dent repair kits”;

  • Auto body shop – this is the recommended option, because your car will be repaired by professionals. Unless you work at or own your own auto body shop, or are just really good at anything DIY, I’d suggest paying the money to get the pros to do it!

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