Checking Your Car’s Low Oil Light

If it feels like it has been too long since you last changed the oil on your car, it probably is. That’s one maintenance that is relatively inexpensive but also easy to forget. The trick to auto repair Mountlake Terrace WA is that you want to get ahead of problems before they occur. Here’s a bit of information on what to do if your Low Oil Light comes on.

Self-Diagnose the Situation

If the light has recently come on, start by grabbing a few paper towels. Pop the hood and pull out the engine oil dipstick, which usually has a yellow handle that says “oil.” When you wipe off the oil on the paper towel, a normal color should be a golden brown. If you can see any black deposits or the color has darkened, it’s time for a change. There will also be a low-level indicator on the stick once you drop it fully back into the engine.

Leaks and Larger Problems

Some technicians will say that by the time the light comes on, it’s already too late. If you are driving when you see it appear, pull over immediately and turn off the car. Wait until the engine cools and check the level same as described above. You can also inspect under the hood and beneath the car to see if any oil has sprung from the engine. Don’t continue driving if this is the case, it could seriously ruin your car.

The engine oil is probably the most vital fluid in your vehicle since it ensures that all the moving parts inside that drive the engine glide smoothly. This is why it is important to check your oil levels regularly and to take the light indicator very seriously if it should pop up on the instrument panel.

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