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Cool And Useful Modifications You Can Make To Your Car

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We love mucking around with cars. It’s not enough to just buy a new vehicle. Once we’ve bought it, we set about making improvements to it. Making it a better car to drive or to make it more useful and more comfortable. By making the right improvements to your vehicle, you can change how any car feels and handles. You can also make it more secure or more valuable. Let’s have a look at some of the best car mods.

Porsche 956/962 engine

Better Tyres

You don’t have to wait until your tyres start to wear down before you replace them. It might be worth replacing them regularly anyway. Firstly, new tires always will have better grip than older ones. As well as this, you can get wider tires for your car. This will give your vehicle a lot more grip on those tighter bends. It will make your car better to handle as well as easier to drive.

Or, you may want to have a look at upgrading the wheels. Wheel modifications are typically just for show. But you can also get stronger wheels to make a better vehicle for formidable weather.

Improving The  Trunk Space

If you’ve got a 4×4 or an SUV truck, you’re going to have a lot of trunk space to play around with. That means you’re going to be able to carry and transport a whole range of different items. But you don’t want these items to scuff up and damage the trunk. Instead, you want it to stay in the best condition possible. Truck accessories like spray on bedliner are the perfect modification to fix this issue. You won’t need to worry about your trunk being damaged, no matter what you’re carrying.

Built In Sat Nav

A lot of newer cars come with this as a possible add-on when you buy. But if you have an older car, you might want to think about getting this fixed in. Sat Navs are great, but the ones that stick to the dashboard or windscreen are a nightmare. They block your view, fall off at inopportune moments and can be a complete distraction. If you get one built into your car, you won’t notice it except when you need it.

Better Seats

Do you love going on long drives? Then you may want to consider upgrading your seats. Particularly, if you like taking a bigger car off road. Uncomfortable seats can make endurance rides in a vehicle a nightmare. But you can easily buy, better comfier seats with good back support. If you get these, you’ll find you can drive your car for hours without feeling the strain.


Of course, if you want to improve your ride you might like to tinker with the suspension. You can either make it low, giving you more fun on the roads. Or higher, to give a little more comfort. However, it’s best to leave this mod to the professionals. If you play with the suspension and get it wrong, you can end up damaging the car.

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