Could The Renault Twizy Be The Perfect Vehicle For You?

There are all kinds of interesting and intriguing electric vehicles that you can buy. One example is the Renault Twizy. In case you didn’t know, it’s a small EV that Renault class as a quadricycle.

It’s much smaller than even small city hatchbacks. Plus, it can only carry one passenger. With those facts in mind, why on earth could the Renault Twizy be the perfect vehicle for you? After all; it doesn’t sound very practical? Well, it turns out the baby Renault EV might be just what you’re looking for in a vehicle!

Renault Twizy

It boasts an ultra compact form

Looking at the Renault Twizy from afar, you can’t help but notice one obvious fact. It’s rather small! But, just because it’s smaller than most cars doesn’t mean that isn’t an advantage of owning one!

How many times have you driven around a city street and failed to find a parking space big enough for your car? Like the Smart Car, the Renault Twizy can fit in the smallest of spaces. It can even park 90 degrees to the way other cars are facing.

Do you live in a built-up area and hate the idea of using public transport? If so, the Renault Twizy could be the answer to your prayers!

It’s cheap to buy

Are you worried that the only cars you can afford are old vehicles that are unreliable? The Renault Twizy offers you a real alternative to that problem. What’s more, you could end up with a brand new one because it’s so cheap to buy!

Of course, many people tend to lease new cars they want these days. You will no doubt be aware that financing a Renault is possible. But, did you know you can also do the same with the Twizy too? The monthly payments will be low, making it one of the most affordable new cars you can get.

It has zero emissions

No doubt one of the biggest selling points of the Renault Twizy is that it’s a green vehicle. It’s an EV, and that means it doesn’t have a combustion engine. So, if you want to lower your carbon footprint, the Twizy offers you a way to do that.

The car only takes just 3.5 hours to charge from a low battery. So, the carbon footprint you’d use for charging the Twizy is also low!

It’s a brilliant way to market your company

Do you run a business? If so, getting a Renault Twizy is a good way to make your brand more memorable! All sorts of companies use the Twizy as a promotional tool on wheels. From pizza delivery stores to locksmiths, the Twizy gets noticed wherever it goes. And that’s good if you want people to notice your brand as well.

You can carry a passenger and some cargo

Last, but not least, consider this interesting fact. Despite the Twizy’s small size, you can transport a passenger and some cargo in it as well. So, not only is it great for city driving but it’s practical as well!

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