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Counting Down The Most Common Reasons For Driving Test Failure

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You’ll always remember the moment your driving examiner gives you your certificate. It’s a big moment that marks your freedom and independence! Finally, you no longer need to rely on others for lifts. You can explore the world (well, your local area at least), and get out on the open road. All that’s left to do is buy your dream car, and hit the roads.

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Hold up! Before you get too carried away, there’s still the small matter of passing your test. Even confident, skilled drivers often fail on their first examination. There are all sorts of reasons for this, and we’re running through the most common problems today. If you know the biggest reasons for failure, you can do everything you can to avoid them. Ready to pass your test first time? Let’s go!

  1. Lack of steering control – The examiner is looking to assess how comfortably and confidently you drive the vehicle. If you are struggling to control the steering, it’s a big sign that you’re not yet confident on the road. This is especially important at high speeds, where a small movement can cause erratic driving. Make sure you slow right down for the corners, and maintain the correct hand positions at all times.
  1. Speed issues – As you can expect, if you go above the speed limit, you can expect a speedy fail! Breaking the speed limit is breaking the law, and you’ll often be asked to stop the test if that happens. However, the opposite is also true. In some cases, going too slow will cause you to fail. Driving slowly is often just as dangerous. It causes a hazard to yourself and others around you. Drive with confidence, and stick to the speed limit.
  1. Wrong use of signals – Before any small movement, it’s vital that you make your intentions known. That means using indication signals to show drivers where you’re going. Examiners are very quick to spot late signalling, or failure to signal at all. Put your indicators on well in advance, and make sure other road users know your intentions. If you’re a parent, you can help your teenager by practicing these signals at home.
  1. Incorrect use of mirrors – Much like using your signals, examiners are looking for expert use of mirrors. The one that catches most drivers out is failing to check the rear mirror before braking. It’s crucial that you check behind you to see how close other drivers are. Failing to check your mirrors before exiting a junction is another big failure.
  1. Manoeuvres – During the exam, you’ll be asked to perform at least three manoeuvres. It’s usually the most nerve-wracking part of the test, and the examiner is watching you carefully! The trick is to practicing them over and over again in your driving lessons. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be on the day.
  1. Observation at junctions – And so we come to the end of our list. The number one answer is failing to observe correctly at junctions. It’s such a small thing, but remember that junctions are the most dangerous aspect of driving.

Now you know the biggest reasons for driving test failure, you can be sure to avoid them! Good luck!

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