Does Your Business Have a Plan for Truck Breakdowns?

If your company owns a commercial vehicle for deliveries or you run a transport business where investing in a fleet is essential to your operations, you need to have a risk management plan that reflects the realities of the road. That means more than just a good insurance policy, too. It means a maintenance plan and budget that keeps your vehicles available when you need them and provides clear processes for responding to emergencies like breakdowns and accidents.

Find Reliable Local Truck Towing

Commercial vehicles are often too heavy for tow trucks used to pull commuter cars and family vehicles, so finding truck towing Socorro County and making your drivers aware of your preferred provider is the key to making sure they know who to contact if they have emergency mechanical issues in the area. If you operate in other areas, it’s a good idea to create a network of these contacts, so you know your drivers are getting reliable help whenever there’s an issue that sidelines the vehicle while it’s out.

Risk Management and Expense Planning

It’s worth your while to seek out contracts with service providers in the areas where you operate most. Often, these contracts represent a significant savings on individual calls in exchange for a reasonable annual or quarterly retainer that guarantees fast response times and discounted rates in exchange for your exclusive business in the area. It’s good for you and for the provider, but different towing companies have different terms for these agreements, and not all of them offer contracted services.

Even if you can’t negotiate a formal contract, a consistent relationship with one crew is a good way to rest assured that your drivers are getting help from people who understand their needs and have relevant experience. It also makes it easier for your drivers to act on training, so they’re not scrambling in the moment to find the right tow service.

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