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Moving long-distance is something that a lot of people find themselves doing, whether it’s for work or they’re looking for a new life. And when you uproot your life to move to another part of the country or another country altogether, you don’t always want to give up your car. It’s comforting to have something familiar to you when you’re in a new place. But it isn’t always practical to drive your vehicle to your new home, and that’s where shipping it comes in. If you need to ship your car because you’re moving, or perhaps you bought a car away from home, you need to make sure it arrives in good condition. Use these tips to ensure your car gets to its destination safely and with minimal fuss.

Moving long-distance

Compare Prices

Just like with any other service, you want to make sure that you’re getting a good price when you ship your car. However, you do need to get the right balance between cost and quality. Set a budget that will get you a carrier who can look after your vehicle the way you want them to. Get quotes from different companies so you can compare them, but remember to consider the services and insurance cover they offer. It might be worth paying more to ensure the safe delivery of your car.

Research Carriers

Before you choose a company to ship your car, you can check that they’re right for you. First, try reading online reviews and feedback from previous customers. Hopefully, there will be plenty of positive responses that show you can trust them. It can be difficult because most companies will have one or two bad reviews. But it’s up to you whether you pass them off as the occasional forgivable mistake or a fussy customer. You should also check their liability so you know your car is protected, in case anything happens.

Open or Closed Shipping?

One of the significant decisions you need to make is whether to use an open or closed carrier company. If your car is especially valuable, perhaps a classic or luxury vehicle, you will probably want to choose a closed carrier. Your car will be protected from the elements, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the body. However, open carrier car transport is cheaper, since they can carry more vehicles at once. If you don’t see any real need to protect your car’s exterior from general exposure to the air, you might decide that an open carrier is a better option for you.

Inspect Your Vehicle Before and After

Before you send your car off, perform a thorough inspection, so you know what condition it’s in. Take photos as evidence too, and perhaps notes, just to make sure you have a record of its condition. When it arrives at your destination, you can go over it again to ensure there has been no damage.

Trusting someone else with your car can be worrying. But if you take your time choosing the right company, you’ll feel much better about the process.

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