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Dubai’s 5000 Horsepower Devel Sixteen Is Far From Becoming Reality

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Taking a car from the first prototype to its production ready state requires a lot of development time, and even more money. Coming up with a show car is the easiest part. There are plenty of engineering firms who can make one happen.

Dubai's 5000 Horsepower

To name a few, Dubai’s W Motors used Rimac for the Hypersport and Magna for its new Fenyr. Singapore’s Vanda Electrics turned to Williams Advanced Engineering for the upcoming Dendrobium, while the Hong Kong/Germany-based Apollo used the Garella-family’s Manufattura Automobili Torino (MAT) to engineer the now sold-out Intenza Emozione. Not unlike Jim Glickenhaus’ SCG.

While the Apollo project was taken over by Germany’s HWA, Paolo Garella’s company is now building modern, Ferrari-based Lancia Stratoses to make the world a better place.

Dubai’s 320 mph Devel Sixteen was also an MAT project, but a source has told us that Garella’s company is no longer working on the supercar with the absurd numbers.

According to our source, the Devel Sixteen has a vast list of problems that are keeping it from getting anywhere close to production. That its American-built twin-turbo V16 might be a 5007 horsepower engine, but it was built for drag racing, with no cooling for road use whatsoever.

The Devel team has reportedly learned a lot about aerodynamics while trying to figure out how to make the car stay on the ground above 300 miles per hour. But when MAT left the project, our source tells us the Devel Sixteen was still acting pretty much like a giant wing.

That said, the Devel Sixteen isn’t dead, but it’s certainly on hold for the time being. On the plus side, Devel also has a 6×6 desert stormer concept, which seems like a solid idea.

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