Everything the Perfect Company Trucks Need

If you need to deliver items to different destinations or your staff have to move around a lot, the chances are you have a fleet of trucks, so what do they need?

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Great Drivers

If you use trucks, then you use drivers too! And they need to be the very best out there. Bad drivers usually give you a bad service. Your productivity will be low if they spend half the day sitting in the drive-thru queue at a fast food restaurant. You need drivers that you can trust 100%.

That’s not the only risk associated with hiring poor drivers though. It can get even worse if they are risk-taking drivers who don’t take care when they’re on the road. These kind of drivers are the ones that cause crashes and end up costing you money. You should make the drivers go through a road test before you hire them to make sure you get the right people.

The Latest Technology

Your drivers will probably expect your vehicles to be kitted out with all the latest technological gadgets. If they need to go to different locations each day, the least they need is a good sat-nav. Get one that allows you to connect it to your company’s booking system. That way they won’t get lost.

If you have new trucks, they should all come equipped with the latest safety technology. A lot of them can avoid crashes by using safety braking systems that override the driver when it gets too close to another car. This is good for companies because it lowers the chances of the truck being damaged on the road.

A Great Design

Running a company has a lot to do with image and perception, so don’t forget to make your trucks look great too. When they’re out on the road, those vehicles will act as representatives of your business. That means if they look poorly designed and shabby, people will think of your business in the same way.

Start by giving them a new paint job to cover up the cracked and peeling paint on the truck. A dynamic colour that’s not too bright or too dark will make your trucks stand out. You can also buy some commercial truck wraps that will carry the name, logo and contact details of your company.

Regular Checks

When your trucks are being driven every single day, they’ll start to show signs of wear and tear eventually. To minimise the effects of this, you should have them checked by a mechanic regularly. They’ll be able to flag up any faults with the vehicle and fix problems before they become too big.

These won’t be too expensive. But if you can’t afford to get them checked more than a couple of times a year, you should learn how to carry out some of the basic checks for yourself. Firstly, check the tyre pressure regularly and top them up whenever necessary. And oil and filter changes can be done easily enough.

Now you know what your trucks need, start making these ideas a reality.

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