Factors That Determine the Value of The Used Vehicle

Buying a used car does not always mean you will pay less or half the new car’s price. Sometimes the price of a used car might be 20 percent less when compared to that of a new car, and you might not believe that the dealership has overpriced it. Therefore, before you visit any dealership to purchase a used car, you need to know the components that can offer value to a particular car you need. In reality, there are several aspects apart from the manufacture years and brands, and it becomes easier to get the worth of your money when you understand that. Continue reading this guide to unearth some of the factors that can offer the value of a car.

Model and brand

The model and brand are one of the significant determinants of the price of a car. Admittedly, different vehicles have varied reputations, perceived values, and even features. Due to that reason, it can be better to consider some of the vehicles you already know or are interested in before deciding on the one that suits you. In reality, due to the ever-changing nature of the automobile industry, car brands’ popularity continues to rise and drop. For instance, some brands like Ford, BMW, Audi, and Benz provided by certified companies such as Used Car Dealership Athens-based will always excite any car enthusiast. Such car brands might have more value at used car dealerships.


The mileage is another huge indicator that helps to determine the value of used cars in most dealerships. Although mileage can reveal several aspects of the car, it still does not uncover everything. In such a case, you might be forced to consider other aspects such as service histories and motorway miles. Surprisingly, the fuel type is used to determine the average mileage of the used car. For instance, cars with petrol engines tend to have a higher value than diesel cars. However, if the mileage is high, the previous owner did several repairs to maintain the vehicles, then mileage might not play a critical role in determining the value.


You need to consider the reliability of the used car you want to buy. For instance, you need to inquire if it is prone to issues or has a bad reputation or history. You should not be afraid to ask such questions when you are unsure. Such issues offer great value if the car faces issues after you buy it.


The condition of the car  should be accounted for when buying a vehicle from a used car dealership. The dealership will always try to ensure that they sell cars in good shape to prevent ruining their reputation. However, that might only be reflected in pictures or on company websites. Understandably, the condition of the internal and external parts of the car will influence its price. Therefore, you need to visit the dealership, examine the car, and even request a test ride.


Most people have a misconception that old cars have less value. In reality, even old cars can have a high value when appropriately maintained. If you want to buy a well-maintained classic car, you might have a high value in a used car dealership.

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