Facts About Car Crashes; The Big Truths Revealed

Being involved in a car accident is probably the biggest fear you will face when you get in your vehicle and hit the road. The reason is that we feel car accidents can not be prevented. If they happen, they happen. That’s the biggest lie we’d like to dispel right now. Although it’s true to say some car accidents can not be prevented others can be. They can be prevented by you making the right choices when getting in your car.

Accident with two cars

What Is The Most Common Cause Of An Accident?

What would you guess the answer to this question would be? What is the factor that plays into how many accidents we see on the road? You might say it’s clearly the weather. But you would be wrong. Or, you could say it’s the drink drivers that are causing all the crashes. Wrong again. The biggest cause of a car accident is being distracted while driving. You might think, that’s fine because you never use your phone while driving. You’ve got a hands free. While a handsfree is less distracting it has been shown to be just as dangerous driving and taking a call as it is picking up a phone. The simplest thing such as listening to a radio can also be a distraction.

Who Is Most Likely To Have A Car Accident?

Before we get all the stereotypes out in the open, we’ll simplify this one. It’s not based on your age, sex or nationality. Whether or not you will cause or be involved in a car accident is mainly based on your personality. Your personality affects how you act when driving on the road. If you are easily distracted, you’re not going to have the attention you need to focus on driving. If you have difficulty with anger, you might find you succumb more easily to road rage. We all know how dangerous and deadly that can be. Although if you are interested in stereotypes, women aren’t worse drivers. Men are the ones who are far more likely to be involved in crashes.

Are AI Car Accident Claims Difficult To Win?

This depends on one important fact. If you’re injured in an accident and there is clear blame, it’s possible to sue for damages. Particularly if your accident was severe or if it left you traumatized. But, if there is no clear blame it’s difficult to sue. You could sue the maker of the car but only if there was a defect with the vehicle.

Are You Really Safer Without A Seatbelt?

There’s a myth that you’ll find on the internet that loosely translates as this. If you are in an accident and a car rolls, you’re better off if you’re not wearing a seatbelt. It is complete nonsense. Statistically, seatbelts have been proven to reduce both the possibility of serious injuries and the loss of life. You are always safer if you are buckled in. Although it has been shown that being in the back seat is more dangerous to the front in some car accidents. This puts a rather large dent in the theory kids should always travel in the back.

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