Four Tips for Car Accidents

When you hear the metallic bump from behind and your car jolts forward, you know that’s never a good sign. Getting into an accident is never fun. So what are you supposed to do if another driver rams into the back of your car? Follow these steps and you’ll be okay.


Remain Calm

The sudden shock might give you a burst of adrenaline. Try and keep a clear head. If you or the other driver get into a shouting match, it could get ugly. If the shock or any pain from the accident is flaring your temper, close your eyes and count slowly to ten. If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat it.

Make Sure You Are Safe

Are you on a freeway or a regular road? Safely pull over out of the way of traffic. Never open your door towards oncoming cars. Always ensure you have at least ten feet of space to step out.

Be aware though, in some states it is illegal to move your car from the crash site.

If your car has suffered a lot of damage in the crash, it is wise to avoid touching the area if there are any exposed electricals or leaking fluids. Remember, when you get out of the car ensure you turn off the engine and remove the keys.

If you are traveling with passengers, get them out of the car too.

Exchange Details

This part can be tricky. If the driver of the other car has a record of accidents or doesn’t want their insurance premiums to go up, they may attempt to settle it unofficially.

They may make claims of paying for garage bills and any medical costs, but you should never take them at face value. They have no accountability if you let them go.

Take insurance details, their name and number, and their license plate number. While people are usually trustworthy, there may be a few bad apples.

Some people may lie about their name and number to avoid paying out on their insurance. By taking their license plate, their car can be traced.

Get In Touch With a Lawyer

This is crucial if you suffer an injury. While the driver’s car insurance may cover the cost of fixing your car, it is not guaranteed they’ll cover your medical bills or any other compensation required.

After seeing a doctor, get a quality lawyer such as Zaner Harden attorneys.

Getting a professional legal team on your side early will help if a settlement has to go to court. While it is unlikely to escalate after initial proceedings for compensation, it is good to be prepared for the worst.

Hopefully, a rear-end collision is the worst car accident you’ll ever have to experience. These tips would apply to other auto accidents, however, especially if an injury was involved.

Be aware, whiplash can take some time to set in. You may feel fine immediately after the crash, but know you might not feel the same the next day.

Always be sure to be a careful driver. You don’t want to be the one responsible for any auto accidents, regardless of insurance or compensation repercussions. Drive safely and stick to the rules of the road.

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