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Fred Kodlin Unveils Custom BMW R 18 B HEAVY DUTY Bike

Custom motorcycle legend Fred Kodlin and his son Len showcase their latest project, the R 18 B HEAVY DUTY, a unique custom BMW R 18 B bike.

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Custom motorcycle legend Fred Kodlin, in collaboration with his son, Len, has recently unveiled a new project, the R 18 B HEAVY DUTY, a custom BMW R 18 B motorcycle that showcases Kodlin’s unique style and features.

Who is Fred Kodlin?

Fred Kodlin is a well-known name in the custom motorcycle scene in the United States. He has been customizing motorcycles for over 40 years, starting with his first custom build in 1978. His style is characterized by massive chassis technology adaptations, air suspension systems, and extensive body modifications. Kodlin has won various awards, including several important Daytona shows, and was the first non-US citizen to be inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame.

Chassis Technology Adaptations

The R 18 B HEAVY DUTY bike features massive chassis technology adaptations that make it stand out from the rest. The bike has an air suspension system at the front and rear, making it a comfortable ride. The suspension system can handle any terrain, and riders can adjust the ride height to suit their needs.

Body Construction

The Kodlin team went deep into the subject of body construction to create the R 18 B HEAVY DUTY. They started by creating a completely new sheet metal tank, which is not only a work of art but also serves as a functional component of the bike. The team also made extensive body modifications, including winglets, which improve the bike’s aerodynamics.


The R 18 B HEAVY DUTY features unique paintwork done by tattoo artist Marcel Sinnwell. The paint is inspired by the mixing of color pigments, resulting in a visually stunning and unique look. The design touches on the bike include hand-painted pinstripes and an airbrushed pattern on the rear mudguard that combines Kodlin and “100 years of BMW Motorrad.”

Collaboration with Son Len Kodlin

The R 18 B HEAVY DUTY project was a collaboration between Fred Kodlin and his son, Len. Len, who has been working alongside his father for several years, contributed his expertise to the project. The father-son duo worked together to ensure that the bike was not only visually stunning but also performed exceptionally well.

Future Plans

Fred Kodlin has several future plans for the R 18 B HEAVY DUTY project. The bike will be showcased at various events, including the Born-Free motorcycle show in California, where it will be on display for attendees to admire. Kodlin also plans to take the bike on a tour of Europe to showcase it to custom bike enthusiasts overseas.

The R 18 B HEAVY DUTY is a true masterpiece that showcases Fred Kodlin’s unique style and features. The collaboration with his son, Len, adds a personal touch to the project, making it even more special. With massive chassis technology adaptations, an air suspension system, and extensive body modifications, the R 18 B HEAVY DUTY is a testament to Kodlin’s dedication and expertise in the custom motorcycle scene. The bike is a work of art and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

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