Guidelines For Customers and Owners Of Car Rentals

Car Rentals

Car Rentals

Rental car reimbursement is for compact or economy model unless a no-cost upgrade is provided. An expense for upgrading, including to obtain built-in GPS, is generally not eligible for reimbursement.

To contain expenses, return the Car Rentals with specified amount of gas in the tank so that refueling by the agency is not required. If necessary, an expense for refueling may be eligible for reimbursement when using a rental agency with a UC agreement. Not to exceed $1.50 per gallon plus the location’s average retail gas price per gallon at the time of rental.


1. Assess current energy use to determine consumption patterns and the most likely places for efficiency improvements (e.g. conduct an energy audit).

2. Continue to monitor energy consumption (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly, to identify any abnormal consumption and quantify energy savings); ask your energy suppliers for advice.

3. Work with employees to identify and implement energy-saving practices (e.g. turning off equipment when not in use, closing blinds, adjusting settings).
4. Install energy efficient lighting in office and workshop areas (e.g. compact fluorescent bulbs in offices, metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights in workshop areas).

5. Use sensors and timers to turn off heating and lighting in areas occupied intermittently.

6. Maximize efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (e.g. insulate, install blinds, regularly clean / replace filters, use programmable thermostat controls, adjust settings).


1. Use quick-break degreasing compounds and detergents to reduce the emulsification of oils and other hydrocarbons.

2. Ensure all fluids from maintaining vehicles/boats/aircraft (e.g. from engines, radiators, transmissions, differentials, lines and hoses, heater cores, air conditioning units) are collected in secure containers for safe disposal.

3. Install oil/water separators to treat all runoff from paved maintenance and parking areas.

4. Label storm water grates and cesspits ‘tip no wastes – drains to sea’ or paint fish symbols (stencils are available from some regional councils).

5. Ensure that wastewater from portable toilet systems is safely handled and disposed of (e.g. designated dump stations).

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