Honda Exhibits World Premiere Of The “Concept M” A New-Value MPV Concept Model At Shanghai

Apr 24, 2013– Shanghai, China  (AutoReleased) – Honda today exhibited the world premiere of the Concept M, a concept model of a mass-production vehicle to go on sale next year, at Auto Shanghai 2013 (the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, press day: April 20, public days: April 23 – 29).

Concept M

Concept M


•Introducing the “Concept M” new-value MPV concept model

The Concept M is a concept vehicle for the MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) segment developed mainly for Chinese market. Currently, commercial vehicles account for the majority of the MPV market in China. To such an MPV market, Honda will introduce a new-value vehicle that offers the attributes of a passenger car while adding new value through the realization of a comfortable and spacious cabin space made possible by Honda’s packaging technologies, and the fun of driving. The Concept M was designed by the design studio at the Automobile R&D Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in Japan. Honda is making progress in the development of a mass-production vehicle based on this concept model aiming for market introduction next year.

•Introducing a new model “CRIDER” (Chinese name: CRIDER)

Honda introduced the CRIDER, a mass-production vehicle based on the Concept C (a concept model for a middle-class sedan developed for the Chinese market), which was introduced at the Beijing Motor Show last year. Developed under a design concept based on an image of a dragon, the CRIDER features top-class vehicle size*, an energetic exterior design and dynamic performance that exceeds other vehicles in its class. The CRIDER is a middle-class sedan developed for Chinese customers mainly by Honda’s Chinese associates.

The CRIDER is scheduled to go on sale from Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. in June of this year.

*Based on the Honda internal research (as of April 2013)

•Introducing a new model “JADE” (Chinese name: JADE)

Honda introduced the JADE, a mass-production vehicle based on the Concept S (a global concept model for a new-value passenger mover developed primarily for the Chinese market to go on sale first in China), which was also introduced at the Beijing Motor Show last year. Featuring an innovative design developed based on an image of jade stone with a beautiful exterior look and noble sense of quality within, the JADE will satisfy diverse customer needs from everyday use to holiday driving. The JADE was designed to match the tastes of Chinese customers born in 1980s who are energetic and known for pursuing their dreams.

The JADE is scheduled to go on sale from Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. in September of this year.

•Announcing new “Li Nian S1″, original brand vehicle in China

Honda announced a minor model change of Li Nian S1, an original brand vehicle of Guangqi Honda. The Li Nian S1 has been well received by a large number of Chinese customers ever since its market introduction in April 2011 as the first mass-production model of Li Nian (Everus), the first original brand of an automobile joint venture company in China. Featuring renewed exterior and interior designs and Honda’s advanced technologies, the new Li Nian S1 will go on sale in May of this year. Guangqi Honda will strive to further increase sales of this vehicle by focusing more on customers in inland areas of China.

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