How Auto Manufacturers Are Tackling Vehicle Crime In 2015

The sad truth is that vehicle crime isn’t something that will ever get eradicated. There will always be people that want to steal cars, or valuables within them.

Opportunist thieves might smash a window and see a valuable smartphone on display inside the car. Crime gangs might take expensive parts like catalytic converters or alloy wheels. Others might steal entire cars to sell abroad on the black market.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Automakers are investing lots of time and money to keep the cars they build as secure as possible. Because of such investments, they want you to keep buying new models!

Here are some examples of how car manufacturers are helping us to tackle vehicle crime.

Engine Immobilizers

One of the most common security features you will find in today’s cars are engine immobilizers. In a nutshell, your car keys have “transponders” inside them that only work with your car. If you try to use your key in another car that’s the same model as yours, nothing will happen.

I must point out that immobilizers don’t prevent cars from getting hotwired. But they do make it more labor-intensive for people to steal your pride and joy. It’s for that reason that car thieves use other methods to take cars, such as stealing your keys from inside your home.

Of course, today’s cars also come with alarm systems. If someone were to smash one of your windows to gain entry, the alarm would sound. If you live in a sleepy neighborhood, a noisy car alarm will soon attract attention. And that attention will be unwanted by the criminals.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs)

All cars have a unique reference number called a VIN. The details are often stamped onto a metal plate under the hood. And in other locations such as by the driver’s door and near the windshield.

A VIN is effectively your car’s serial number. Only your car has that VIN. Thanks to government agencies sharing data, it’s possible to check if a car with a particular VIN got stolen or written off.

It’s an effective way to cut down the sale of illegal vehicles, and to track those that might get sold abroad on the black market.

Underseat storage

Companies like Accuride are helping automakers to develop slidable under-seat storage systems. Let’s face it; everyone has valuables that they keep in their cars. The sad truth is that some folks leave their valuables on display.

An under-seat storage bin is a great place to hide valuables when you’re not in the car with them. They are attached to telescopic ball bearing drawer slides. In other words, you can pull them out from underneath the seat.

Others may use a hinge system so that you “fold” the bench of your seat towards the front of the car. They are better places to hide stuff than in the glove box, for example. Keeping valuables out of sight lowers the risk of opportunist car thieves breaking into your pride and joy.

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