How Do Savvy Used Car Buyers Avoid Getting Ripped Off?

To many people, buying a used car is something of an art form. If you don’t get it right, you could end up driving around in a clunker. Or worse, a deathtrap! Some people end up buying used cars not knowing they are owned by someone else!

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The Internet is full of information on how to avoid getting ripped off when buying a used vehicle. But what many of those guides fail to mention is that some of those tips are worthless.

In today’s news article, I’d like to feature some of the tried and tested tips used by savvy used car buyers.

Learning more about the make and model

It’s easy to look at a car and think to yourself that you would quite like to own it! But it’s not so easy knowing all the intimate details of that particular make and model. Fortunately, there is a veritable plethora of review sites and owners forums on the Web.

From those places, you can learn in great detail about the pros and cons of the car you want to buy. They offer you an independent way of finding out whether there are any potential pitfalls. After all; the last thing you wish to do is purchase a car that soon becomes a money pit!

Getting independent inspections done

Unless your day job is a car mechanic, you won’t know all the obvious signs to spot for a dying vehicle. For example, do you know the difference between a heater matrix and a coolant pump? If not, you could end up getting a car that has some major faults disguised by the seller!

When you buy from a dealer, you have some legal comeback if things do go wrong shortly after purchase. But if you get your next car from a private seller, you’re on your own. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay for an independent inspection of your future vehicle.

If the car you are buying is worth a four-figure sum, getting an independent inspection is a service worth paying for. That way, you can discover if there are any major issues with your potential new vehicle. And you can also use these facts to help you negotiate on the price.

Organizing auto finance

Let’s face it; not everyone has the cash spare to go and buy a used car. If you only have enough money for a downpayment, it’s likely you will borrow the rest of the money from somewhere. Savvy shoppers tend to get the money through places like Car City Auto Finance.

The thing about car finance is that it’s easier to get than say a bank loan, for example. That’s because the loan is secured against the car, rather than an unsecured personal loan. So if you miss a few payments, the finance company can repossess your car.

Even if you have the money, it sometimes makes sense to finance your next car if you want to improve your credit score. So, now you know what the savvy used car shoppers do to get the best deals in town!

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