How to Choose a New Transmission for Your Truck

The transmission is a crucial component of the vehicle. Without it, the wheels wouldn’t listen to the engine and the vehicle won’t move. The transmission keeps you moving at the right speed by working with the crankshaft to maximize the torque coming from the engine. Before you choose a new one, here are some things to consider.

New Transmission for Your Truck


A transmission can be manual, semi automatic, direct shift gearbox, continuous variable transmission or an automatic transmission like the e4od transmission. The vehicle you own already has a preferred type of transmission installed. In order to have a manual transmission, you need a clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder and gear shifter. Automatic transmissions handle the change of gears within the transmission itself based on the vehicle’s change in RPMs.


Not all transmissions are usable for both gasoline and diesel engines. You may need to select a specific transmission to get the most power from your engine. The transmission can help or hinder your fuel economy based on its ability to lower the RPMs enough to keep those tires spinning at an appropriate speed. Some transmissions work with both fuels but may not have the torque necessary for the diesel engine.


You don’t want to feel every time you change gears unless you are purposefully waiting for the RPMs to rise before changing gears in a manual transmission. Most of the time, you want a smooth ride. The transmission needs to be durable and reliable as it is a part not replaced often. Keep the gears lubricated according to manufacturer recommendations to get the most life out of the transmission.


The engine in your truck has a certain amount of torque it can produce. To capitalize on that high-level torque, you need a transmission that can handle it and deliver the power to move the vehicle forward. Torque is crucial if you plan to haul or pull heavy loads. There are a variety of ways to increase torque in the transmission if you know what you are doing, but it is better to buy the right one from the get-go.

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