How To Increase Your Car’s Value

Any motorist will tell you of the importance of keeping their car’s value as high as possible, because they will obviously get more money for their car when they eventually sell it as opposed to less if they had not taken any steps to keep their car as desirable as possible.

Increase Your Car Value

If you are about to buy a car and you want to make sure that it’s valuable in years to come when you decide to sell it for a newer model, you should check out these top tips first!

Buy a car that doesn’t depreciate badly

Before you hand over any money to a car dealer, you should do some thorough research beforehand to make sure that the car you are going to buy won’t be worthless in five year’s time!

The What Car? Depreciation Calculator can help you determine which car models have slow depreciation, and which ones you should avoid like the plague! All cars depreciate, but savvy shoppers can use this insider knowledge to their advantage to buy a car that won’t heavily depreciate.

Get your car serviced and maintained by the main dealer regularly

Some people think that getting their car serviced and maintained by a franchised main dealer is a waste of time and money, but actually it isn’t; here’s why:

  • Genuine parts – only genuine parts will be used on your car, which are fully warranted and are of the same quality as those used when your car was brand new;

  • Expert knowledge – independent service centres typically work on a number of car marques, whereas main dealer service centres will only work on cars built by the same manufacturer as your car, making them experts for working on your car;

  • Service bulletins – if your car’s manufacturer has raised any service bulletins or safety recall notices, your main dealer will contact you to ensure that any required work is carried out on your car as quickly as possible, so that the risk of any safety problems developing on your car is low

  • Value-for-money – some people believe that main dealers charge an arm and a leg for servicing and repair work, but their prices are in line with independent service centres, and in many cases they are actually cheaper!


Keep your car clean

When a company is outside valuing your car before making you an offer to buy it, they will often provide lower offers if your car isn’t clean. This is because they will not be able to see whether there is any damage to your car’s exterior paintwork or to the upholstery or plastics inside of it.

If you clean your car on a weekly basis (say on each weekend, for example), the amount of time that it will take to clean will be low and also you will be maintaining your car to a virtually showroom finish that your friends, family members and neighbours will be jealous of!

Regular cleaning also ensures that you can deal with any external bodywork problems before they get worse, such as corrosion caused by stone chips from the road.

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