How to Pick the Best SUV for You

SUVs are becoming more popular with each passing year. Where they were once just for people with a particular interest in off-road driving, they’re now a realistic option for almost anybody. They’re particularly popular with families because of the size and safety they offer.

There’s a lot to think about before buying an SUV though. You might think that an SUV is an SUV, but there are lots of differences and variables between models. Some manufacturers prioritize safety and others focus on the driving experience. To help you out, I’m going to give you an overview of the best cars depending on what you want from an SUV, enjoy!


SUVs are great for space, but if you want the maximum room possible, some SUVs are better than others. Some offer a huge amount of cargo space, and others give you more seating space. And, unfortunately, some SUVs look a lot bigger than they feel on the inside.

If you want to carry a lot of passengers, I’d recommend either the Chevrolet Suburban or the Ford Expedition. Both of these cars offer you eight seats. The Expedition has its eight seats spread across three rows of seats, so no one is going to be squashed in either. The Expedition is also good for cargo space, but I’d recommend the GMC Yukon XL – its size is incredible, and it can carry a lot of weight.


Understandably, safety is a big concern and a top priority for parents looking to buy an SUV. Most models are very safe due to their size, and most have good safety features. But, as ever, there are still a couple of SUVs which stand out of their optimum safety.

One of the best is the Mercedes-Benz M-Class. The standard model comes with the best safety feature you’ll find on an SUV, and you won’t even have to pay extra for it. Most impressively, it has a Pre-Safe system, which prepares the vehicle if a coming impact is detected. That can minimize the damage caused considerably.


Driving Experience

If what you want from an SUV is a great driving experience to accompany your space and safety features, the Jeep Renegade might be the one for you. It’ll give you the most fun possible when driving an SUV.

But if you want an SUV that drives more like an ordinary car, there are better options open to you. It can be difficult to get used to driving an SUV if you’ve never done it before. The Porsche Macan is a great car for people wanting a car that drives in a more familiar, relaxed way.


When you’re buying a new car, what you can buy is often dictated by your budget. If you’re trying to buy an SUV while sticking to a tight budget, there are still plenty of cars to choose from. You’ll have to visit second-hand car dealers and get an older model, but there are still good options. I’d recommend the Dodge Durango or the Honda CR-V.

As you now know, there’s an SUV out there for everyone, and they have a lot to offer, so don’t delay, find your ideal SUV today.

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