How to Spot Your Car as a Lemon and Avail Law Services

1% of all the new cars around the world are lemons. Lemon cars are those new or used cars that have some problems that are repeated and cannot be fixed after multiple attempts. Almost every state has several “lemon laws” that help the customers with the issues after buying a lemon car.

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If you want to take full advantage of the lemon ca laws, you must know how to identify a lemon car or what qualities a lemon car has. Let’s find out some of the features of a lemon car.

What Identifies Lemon?

In order to qualify a car a lemon according to most of the state lemon laws, your car must have two basic things. One is the substantial defect that is covered by warranty and that occurs within certain miles or a number of time after you purchased the car and second is the defects that are not getting fixed after a number of attempts. Most of the states provide lemon law for new cars only but some states have this law for the used cars as well.

  1. Substantial Defect:

A defect that is impairing the use of car, its safety or value is considered as “substantial defect”. For example if your car has brake issues or steering issues, then it will be under consideration of substantial defect. Minor defects like defected door handles, or loose knobs of radio are not considered serious.

Most of the times, the difference between substantial and minor defect is not clearly defined. There are some conditions where horrible smells or defective paints have also been considered as the substantial defects.

According to the Law a substantial defect must show up in a certain time which is not more than a year or two. Sometimes, the miles have also been taken under consideration instead of time. The limit of miles is in between 12k to 24k. One more thing to remember is that the defect should not be occurred by abuse, it should be natural.

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  1. Reasonable Repair Attempts:

The manufacturer or dealer must have the right to make a number of reasonable attempts to fix an issue before your car is labelled as a lemon. Different standards under different states have been set up. These are:

  • If your defect is serious such as the breaking then it must remain unfixed after at least one attempt to consider it as a lemon.
  • If defect is not serious and doesn’t involve any security issue then it should remain unfixed after three or four attempts.

These attempts vary from state to state.

These are some of the conditions that should meet in order to consider your car as a lemon and to avail the benefits of lemon law.

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