How To Upgrade Your Diesel Air System

As you may already know, internal combustion engines operate by combining fuel and air. This mixture is then ignited in the engine cylinders. The ratio of oxygen to fuel needs to be within a surprisingly small threshold. So, upgrading your air intake system can significantly improve the performance of your vehicle in various settings.

Diesel Air System

1) Add a Performance Air Filter

Perhaps the easiest way to improve your air system performance is to switch to a high-flow air filter. As your engine is sucking in air, it passes through a filter that removes any dust, dirt and other contaminants. High-quality filters can substantially improve the airflow into the engine. More air in the engine means more fuel and more power.

In many cases, you won’t even need tools to make this upgrade. Even if you do, you won’t need more than a screwdriver (a Torx head may be required).

2) Switch to a Cold Air Intake

Cold air is denser than warm air. Therefore, it has more oxygen in it and can create more power. However, most engines breathe in hot air that is near the engine. A cold air intake is a simple addition to your air system that moves the intake so that it will be breathing in colder air. Many of these solutions also have a box that protects that air filter from the hot air in the engine compartment.

3) Install a Heater

It may seem strange to consider both a cold air intake and an intake air heater. However, this is more reasonable than it sounds. Excessively cold air can also be a problem because some diesel engines have a hard time starting when they are very cold.

A heater can help warm the air slightly before trying to ignite the engine. If you expect to be starting from cold in frigid climates frequently, this is worth serious consideration. Heaters are especially useful on large, heavy-duty diesel engines.

4) Consider Forced Induction

If you want to maximize the amount of oxygen reaching your engine, the best option is to compress it. This is called forced induction. With a turbocharger, you can use the exhaust fumes from the engine to power a compressor that will force extra air and oxygen into the engine’s cylinders. A supercharger is another option, although this is less common on most diesel vehicles.

Upgrading the air intake system on your diesel vehicle can help you enjoy better performance and fuel efficiency. Consider making some of the above upgrades today.

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