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Hyundai Considering Pickup After Good Reaction To Santa Cruz

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The Hyundai HCD-15 Santa Cruz pickup concept was one of the stars of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and even earned fifth place on Autoblog‘s Editors’ Choice list of favorite debuts. The strong response might have been enough to get it made.

Hyundai considering pickup

Hyundai research and development director Park Byung-cheol said that the company was considering building the truck, according to Reuters. He warned, though, that there were still some obstacles in the way of the pickup arriving to showrooms without saying what those were.

Rumors about Hyundai considering a pickup in the US go back several years but were fruitless. The Santa Cruz’s unveiling really reignited things, though. The North American arm of the Korean brand reportedly chose Detroit for the debut so that foreign executives could see the media reaction to the concept. That gamble might have paid off.

Hyundai’s pickup at dealers might not look like the Santa Cruz concept, though. The company said the version in Detroit had nothing production-ready about it and even lacked an interior. At the time, a platform still hadn’t been decided on, and the brand had several internal design studies underway.

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