Importance of Strut suspension

While there are many components in your car you may or may not know about, you should know about your strut suspension, one of the most important parts.

Strut MountsStrut suspension is an autonomous suspension with a strut assembly and lower control arm.They have replaced the popular short long arm suspensions. Its popularity skyrocketed thanks to the increasing use of four-wheel drives. Today, almost every car comes with strut suspension. You can find all range of suspension for your car at  Carpartkings. For heavy vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s,short long arm suspension is still used.

Strut Assembly Components

The upper bearing plate, shock absorber and coil spring are some of the key components of a strut assembly. Your strut assembly also has a rubber bumper at the top of the strut rod and a shielding rubber dust boot to protectthe strut’s rod.

Strut Mounts

Strut mounts are a mounting point for strut suspension assemblies and connect with your vehicle’s chassis. You can easily detect issues with strut mounts because they are similar to other suspension issues. The rule of thumb is when strut mounts are worn out,the strut assembly is worn out too, and vice versa. For safety purposes, it is important to replace the strut assembly first and then try to remove the strut mount.

What Struts Do

Strutsare responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle through the spring around the strut and acts as an upper steering pivot for the knuckle. Therefore, you do not need upper control arms and ball joints.

The lower part of the strut is attached to the knuckle with huge bolts and one bolt has an unconventional cam for adjusting alignment. The upper portion of the strut is tied to fender. The placement of the strut determines the caster and camber alignment on the front wheel.

By moving the top of the strut in and out, the alignment of the camber is adjusted. The same results can be achieved by turning the unusual camber bolts in and out from the bottom. Some vehicles require adjustments with lower and upper strut mounts using aftermarket alignment equipment. To adjust the caster alignment, move it forward and backwards. Similar to the camber, the caster also requires some modification.

If you are replacing your old strut with a new one, it can alter the camber and caster alignment. Take your vehicle to a tire repair shop and get the tires aligned because the camber and caster alignment will affect handling, tire wear and thus your steering.

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