Important Considerations When Buying A Car For Someone With Mobility Problems

If you’re a carer, have a disabled family member, or are disabled yourself, you’ll need to be on the lookout for a specific type of vehicle. Here are some things you must consider if you’re buying a car with a physically challenged person in mind:

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This is going to be the big thing you look out for. If you’re buying a car for someone that is wheelchair bound, you need it to be accessible. There needs to be a way for you to get the wheelchair into the car, in a safe manner. You can either look for a car that has been designed with this in mind or look for wheelchair adapted vehicles. These are regular vehicles that have been adapted to carry wheelchairs. If you’re buying a car that’s been specifically designed for wheelchair access, you have to make sure it works properly. Ask to test the car out and see how quickly you can get a wheelchair in and out of the car. You don’t want a vehicle that makes it a struggle to do all this.


Obviously, space is going to be key when buying a car for a mobility impaired person. You have to make sure there’s enough space to store their wheelchair, and that they have sufficient room in their seat. In some cases, people stay sat in their wheelchair when they’re in the car. This is in extreme situations for the person can’t move at all. So, make sure the back of the car is able to hold a standing up wheelchair comfortably. You don’t want the person feeling cramped in the back of your vehicle. Make sure there’s enough space for them.


Another massively important thing will be the comfort of the vehicle you’re buying. When you have a disabled person in your car, a simple journey can be a little painful to them. Particularly if they’re in a wheelchair because of injuries. So, you have to look for a car that is as comfortable as possible. The suspension needs to be top class. It should feel like you’re driving on carpet when you’re on the road. You don’t want a car that bumps around and is very jittery. This can be very uncomfortable and cause the person some serious discomfort. Before you buy a car, make sure you go for a test drive. Drive around on different roads to test the comfort of it. If it feels smooth, then it’s a good car for you to buy.


This is something that is only important if you are physically challenged. The previous tips have been for people that have to drive around a disabled person. But, they can still apply to you if you have a disability and looking to drive. However, this thing is specifically for those with a disability that prevents them from using their legs/feet. You have to search for a car that can have its controls adapted for use with hands or other body parts. If the vehicle cannot have its controls adapted, them I’m afraid it’s not a suitable car to buy.

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