Insurance 101: All You Need To Know About SR22 And Car Insurance

If you mention “SR22” to people, some folks might tell you that it’s the name of a single-engine aircraft made by a company called Cirrus Aircraft. Of course, in the context of this blog post, SR22 has nothing to do with aviation; although feel free to comment if you’ve ever flown one before!

SR22 And Car Insurance

Coming back down to Earth, SR22 is actually something related to car insurance. If you don’t know much about it (if anything), or whether you need one to have one, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will tell you all you need to know about SR22.

What exactly is an SR22, and do I need one?

Sometimes referred to as a “CFR” (short for Certificate of Financial Responsibility) or even SR22 insurance, an SR22 isn’t technically a form of car insurance. It’s actually a certificate which your car insurance company files with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in your state.

This SR22 certificate is needed if you were involved in an auto accident or you were convicted of a traffic offence where you could not prove financial responsibility at the time – i.e. you were caught by the police for driving without any car insurance.

Other reasons why you might need an SR22 certificate include being involved in a car accident, and you have no insurance, or you did not have a valid driving license for the period of time when you had the accident, or even if you were convicted of a DUI offense.

You might also need an SR22 certificate if you have multiple traffic offenses, especially if they were all issued in a short period of time.

How much does an SR22 cost?

The cost of an SR22 certificate varies from state to state, however, car insurance companies will normally charge you about $30 to fill in an SR22 form and send it off to your state’s DMV; obviously, you will need to have a valid car insurance policy in place before you can obtain an SR22 certificate!

One problem that a lot of car drivers will face when they try to obtain a car insurance policy is that their policies will generally be a lot higher than those that don’t need an SR22 certificate, so it is worth contacting a number of different insurers for the cheapest SR22 insurance quotes.

What happens if I move to another state?

Even if the SR22 requirements are lower in your new state than your old one, you will still need to fulfil the requirement levels set by your former state’s DMV.

How long do I need to have an SR22 for?

Most states require drivers to have continuous SR22 insurance coverage for at least 3 years. If your cover is suspended at any time during those 3 years, your car insurance company has to legally inform your state’s DMV, and they could possible revoke your driving license from you.

As you can see, SR22 and its associated requirements and insurance can be a nightmare, so it’s advisable to simply have valid car insurance in the first place and not do anything stupid whilst you’re driving so that you don’t need an SR22!

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