Is Cheap Car Servicing A Good Idea Or Not? We Investigate

As a car owner, you will want to do whatever it takes to reduce your motoring expenses. Often, this usually means selecting cheaper parts and services. When it comes to car servicing, many of us opt for budget, low-ticket options to save cash.

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After all; they usually end up fitting parts made by the same people that design the OE ones? Well, sometimes that’s not always the case. The thing about “cheap” car servicing is that the quality you receive is a bit hit and miss. Here’s why:

You don’t know if you’re using a good auto shop

One of the facts that consumers seldom know is just how good a budget auto shop can be. For instance, you might get greeted in a modern reception area. You are usually then asked to wait while your car gets an oil change, for example.

But, you don’t know what goes in behind the scenes. That’s because customers aren’t allowed in the workshop area for insurance reasons. The trouble with cut-price servicing is that many auto shops don’t pay staff well.

That means you often end up with a service from a mechanic with poor mechanical skills. They might even have little experience to draw on. So, if something doesn’t happen as expected, they could end up damaging your car!

You don’t know which branded parts they use

If you pay for a 19.99 oil change, for example, you can almost guarantee one fact. The vendor won’t be using the same branded parts that your car dealer uses! That’s not to say aftermarket parts aren’t any good, of course.



But, there are many aftermarket manufacturers. That means you could end up having parts used on your car from one of the lesser-used brands. How well do you know the oil filter will seal onto your engine? And has the right brand and grade of oil got used?

Cheap car servicing can be good for cheap cars

Do you prefer driving around in old clunkers because they cost little to maintain? If so, using vendors that offer cheap car servicing can be a good idea in your case. After all; you have no attachment to the vehicle you drive.

If the engine blows up, you can just scrap the car and buy another cheap clunker! Of course, it does help that the vendor you use fits the right parts on your car. Still, it’s one way to find out which service centers are good or not!

You save a lot of money on auto shop prices

Another advantage of cheap car servicing is the obvious cost savings. Sometimes you might come across something rare in the motor industry. I’m talking about a budget auto shop that offers an A1 high-quality service!

If you find such a service center, you’ll know your car is in good hands. In those cases, it makes perfect sense to use them for your mechanical needs. Why go anywhere else, after all? You can also build up a relationship with the people that work there.

That’s a good thing to do, as it means the people that work there will know your car’s history. And they’ll strive to offer 100%, as you’re a repeat customer.

So, to summarize: cheap car servicing has its faults. But, in the right circumstances, it can be a good idea!

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