Is Your Car Prepared For Winter?

When winter sets in, driving becomes much more dangerous. The roads are icy and weather conditions leave your visibility severely impaired. Not only that, but your vehicle is put under a much heavier strain. You are far more at risk of breaking down in the winter months than during the summer. In the winter, your car is pushed harder and further than it is used to. You need to be prepared for that.

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Preparing your car for winter is all about thinking ahead. Spot any potential problems early and be prepared for them. You can’t always foresee an accident or collision. However, you can be aware of the increased dangers and be on the lookout. You can prepare your car and reduce the risk of breakdown. There are one or two common breakdown complaints in the winter months. Look out for them.

Get a full service

If you haven’t already, get your car fully serviced. Each of the elements of your car are pushed to the limits in the winter. In particular, your tyres, brakes and lights will be used heavily. You need to be sure that they are in good working order. If you’ve bought from preowned truck dealers in St. Louis, services are even more important. Used cars carry a higher risk of breakdown. Battery failure is the single biggest cause of breakdowns during the winter. Our reliance on lights and heat drains the battery. Make sure this is checked and replaced if necessary.

Emergency Safety Pack

This is good advice all year round, but particularly over the Christmas period. No matter how prepared you are, breakdowns and accidents can occur when you least expect them. When they do, you need to have the adequate provisions to deal with it. Your emergency safety pack should contain a flashlight, water, food, blankets and a first aid kit. You should also keep a mobile phone charger, flares and a first aid kit with you. You can buy these fully formed at most motoring stores or you can put them together yourself.


One of the things that motorists often forget in winter is the impairment of vision. Windscreens suffer damage and wear just like our tyres. During the day, the sun is low in the sky causing a dangerous glare. This gleam in our eyes can severely limit our visibility and increase blind spots. Try to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car just in case. Windscreens are also susceptible to ice and condensation. Never leave your house until you have a full 360 degree view around the car. Carry an ice scraper with you at all times. Deicer spray also works a treat in these situations.

Finally, learn to drive with a little more caution. Stopping distances are extended significantly when the roads are icy. Anyone who has ever slipped on black ice in the winter will know how hard it is to stop. Always leave your house ten minutes early and expect traffic. Traffic builds up when conditions are bad. The important thing is to stay calm and take it slowly. So long as your car is fully serviced and you are prepared, you’re ready for winter!

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