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Keeping Your Box Organized

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An easy way to keep all of the tools in your garage in one place is with a tool box. However, if there’s no organization to your boxes, then you’re still going to misplace items that you might need to fix things in the house or to fix vehicles. If you spend a little time sorting and eliminating, then you can organize garage tool boxes so that you can easily get to everything from hammers and screwdrivers to nuts and bolts that you might need.

garage tool boxes

Foam organizers are an option to consider so that everything that’s inside the box stays in place. All you have to do is insert the organizers in the box and put the tools in the spaces that are marked off. Eliminate some of the tools that you don’t need so that the boxes you have aren’t too full. Sort the tools that you have so that they are organized by size and type. You should also sort each type of tool that you have by sizes, such as the screwdrivers that are in different sizes and the wrenches.

After you’ve sorted everything, you can start putting your tools in the box. The sockets and smaller tools along with those that you use the most should be kept in the top of the box with larger tools in the bottom. Chisels and specialty tools can be kept in the middle drawers. Power tools can be kept in the bottom drawers as well since these drawers are usually larger have more of an open space than the smaller drawers. Label all of the drawers of your tool box so that you don’t have to pull open every drawer or look in every tray. Position your tools in the drawers with cardboard slats between them so that everything stays separated.

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