LED lights for headlight and taillight in vehicles

More car makers are recommending LED lights for head and tail lights in vehicles. Although LED lights are often more expensive than traditional vehicle lights, the slightly higher price is offset by the longer life and durability found in LED lights like the 3157 LED bulb.

LED headlight  Better Illumination

One of the best reasons to use LED lights in a vehicle is because they shine brighter than traditional auto bulbs. LED lights are more functional during bad weather, such as when it is foggy or raining. In fact, fog lights equipped with LED bulbs are able to penetrate fog and allow the driver to see farther distances than traditional bulbs. The better illumination also makes your car more visible to other vehicles who may be on the road at the same time.

Safety Features

When LED lights are used for lighting in the interior of the vehicle, it creates a safer environment, especially for women who may be traveling alone at night. These bulbs provide better lighting so that the entire vehicle is visible and getting items out of the car is easier. For those who may be transporting small children, it allows parents to safely get them out of the back seat.

Long Lasting

LED lights have a longer life than regular bulbs. They often do not have to be replaced unless they are damaged. Because they do not have to be replaced as often, they save the vehicle owner money.

Environmental Safety

Incandescent and halogen bulbs contain filaments and mercury that can be harmful to the environment. In addition, LED lights produce no heat or UV radiation, which means less CO2 emissions that have been connected to global warming. The lights can convert up to 80 percent of electric energy while incandescent bulbs convert only 20 percent.

There is a reason why more car and truck manufacturers are switching to LED lights for headlight, taillight and interior lighting. The lights are environmentally friendly, last longer and provide cost savings despite their higher price because they do not have to be replaced as often. In addition, they provide brighter illumination, keeping the driver and passengers safer.

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