Manufacturers Go Big On New Model Alloys in 2015

With top brands rolling out their new models this year, there is one obvious consistency: Big wheels are in!

Porsches 911 Carrera Black boasts of 20-inch diameter alloys, while Mercedes are already spot on with multiple choices of cars with bigger wheels. The bigger the alloys the better the car is the thinking behind these new releases, with better handling when turning and less flex making for a more enjoyable ride. In spite of all this it is the eye-catching details that some of the leading manufacturers are implementing that really does create the wow factor.

MY15 Mercedes Benz C-Class

Along with the supersized polished alloys being incorporated into multiple designs by the manufacturing kings, the latest models are definitely dressing to impress, with Mercedes Benz painting the rim flanges in a different colour; drawing your eye even more to the supersized wheels, which are available in up to 21-inches on some GLE models. Let’s not ignore the fact that many of these models have incorporated alloy wheels, does this mean that the steel wheel is about to bite the dust?

With more rust-resistance and availability to style it does appear that alloys truly are worth their salt; at least in the eyes of the big guys.

Porsche have been utilising stylish alloys since the 60s, but this year they are going super-sizes

Porsche have been utilising stylish alloys since the 60s, but this year they are going super-sizes

Not only are you benefiting from the awesome aesthetic appeal of these latest models, investing in lighter alloy wheels also increases the driving experience. Easier acceleration along with an improved break cooling will have you in your car as often as possible.

So when it comes to upgrading your wheels it’s important to do it right. You can trade alloy rims from Autopart who stock a variety of brands, including Mercedes, providing customers with a high-end look, whatever style you are going for.

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