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Mercedes-Benz Shows Concept Sprinter F-Cell Camper Van Of The Future

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The “Concept Sprinter F-CELL” showcases the idea of an environmentally friendly and sustainable camper van as a key trend that is driving the The concept vehicle demonstrates that emission-free operation is possible for campers thanks to a fuel cell powertrain.

Sprinter F-CELL

Yet the vehicle is not just free from pollutant emissions, but also almost silent. Long distances are not a problem: a range of up to 530 kilometres along with an output of around 147 kW (198 hp) makes it possible to realise the dream of a beach holiday in the south just as much as one in the Norwegian fjords.

When developing the concept vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Vans benefited from the synergies of the Daimler Group while specifically adapting the technology of the GLC F-CELL, which is equipped with an innovative combination of fuel cell and battery-electric powertrain. The GLC F-CELL was presented as a preproduction model at last year’s German International Motor Show.

The “Concept Marco Polo” not only allows the components in front of and behind the B-pillar to be operated from a display in the cockpit or from a smartphone app; voice control is another option. This is activated by saying “Hey Mercedes”. Two examples of how it can be used:

– Having arrived at the camp site, it’s time to chill out… When the voice command “Hey Mercedes, I want to relax” is given, the “Concept Marco Polo” regulates the vehicle level, extends the pop-up roof and awning, activates the ambience lighting in awning, gaiter and under the kitchen unit and switches on the music. The electric power comes in an environmentally friendly way from the solar module on the concept vehicle, which produces 400 watts of power. Everything is set for a relaxed start to the holidays.

– It’s departure day, things need to happen fast… At the command “Hey Mercedes, get ready to leave”, the level control is deactivated, the awning and pop-up roof retract. In addition, the seat bench/bench berth is returned to the upright position and the ambience lighting is switched off. In next to no time, the camper is ready for a stress-free journey home.

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