Mercedes Plans Audi TT Fighter

With the growth in popularity of modular platforms in the auto industry, it’s rapidly becoming commonplace to see a company with multiple models that look different but share a significant number of parts underneath. One such an example is Mercedes-Benz’s line of compacts, including the A-Class hatchback, CLA-Class sedan, GLA-Class crossover. Two derivatives lacking from German brand’s current, small-car range are a coupe and convertible, but that might be changing soon.

Mercedes plans Audi TT fighter

Mercedes is hard at work on a coupe with 2+2 seating, a liftback roof and styling inspired by the AMG GT, according to Autocar. Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche reportedly supports the idea, too. The new two-door could be on the road as soon as 2019 to target models like the Audi TT and BMW 2 Series, and a convertible version might follow later.

This little, luxury two-door would ride on Mercedes’ next-gen, front-wheel-drive compact platform, according to Autocar. It reportedly allows the German company to vary a model’s size more than the current version and can better adapt to hybrid powertrains. A previous report also suggested the coupe and convertible might use this improved chassis, if they got the green light.

Of course, a Mercedes model is hardly complete without an AMG version, so that would also be a possibility. According to Autocar, the performance brand’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder could see output pushed to 400 horsepower compared to the current 355-hp unit. Earlier rumors also indicated a more powerful version of the boosted mill might be on the way.

With Autocar backing all this up only with unnamed sources, the rumors should probably be taken with a grain of salt at the moment. However, a small coupe from the brand doesn’t seem entirely impossible. After all, after two-door versions of the C-,E-, and S-Class, why not a smaller one, too?

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