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MINI Goes Green: BMW’s Leipzig Plant to Produce All-Electric Countryman

The new MINI Countryman will be produced sustainably in Leipzig, showcasing the brand's commitment to reducing emissions and maximizing efficiency.

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MINI’s Journey to a Sustainable Future

The BMW Group plant in Leipzig will be the birthplace of the new all-electric MINI Countryman, and it will be the first MINI model entirely produced in Germany. The locally emission-free all-rounder is a perfect match for the BMW Group’s sustainable production site in Leipzig, making it an excellent pilot project for a “green plant.” The plant’s sustainable energy supply ensures that the first MINI “Made in Germany” is delivered to customers in a CO2-neutral manner.

Leading the Way in Electromobility

MINI’s next major milestone is the production of the all-electric MINI Countryman, which will start rolling off the production line in Leipzig at the end of 2023. One in five MINI models is already electrified, showing the brand’s dedication to locally emission-free driving fun. The high-voltage batteries for the all-electric MINI Countryman will come from the plant’s own production facilities.

Sustainability is in the DNA of the Plant Leipzig

The BMW Group’s sustainability strategy includes the expansion of electromobility, and the BMW Group is investing more than 800 million euros to expand its capacities for e-component production at the Leipzig site. The plant is committed to sustainability, generating some of the energy required for automotive production with four wind turbines on the Leipzig plant site. Since 2017, the electricity generated can be stored temporarily in the battery storage farm, and a newly developed burner technology in the paint shop uses green hydrogen instead of natural gas.

Transforming to an All-Electric Brand

As the brand’s largest model, the all-electric MINI Countryman will lead the new MINI family into an era of locally emission-free electromobility. The transformation to an all-electric brand by 2030 begins with this model generation. With space-saving components and a particularly flat high-voltage battery produced at the BMW Group Plant Leipzig, the MINI Countryman will offer additional space and even greater comfort in the future.

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