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Mobile Auto Glass Repair – What to Look for in a Company

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If you are in the market for mobile auto glass repair, finding a company that is right for you is crucial. A good mobile auto glass repair company will be able to provide the services you need promptly and with a high level of customer service.


The first thing you need to consider when looking for a glass repair company is their experience. This is important because it will determine how reliable they are and whether they are trustworthy and able to deliver the quality you need. The right auto glass repair shop will have plenty of experience in the industry. It should have been in business for more than five years and have a team of certified technicians that can install glass.

They should also have a truck or van that they use to bring their tools to clients’ vehicles for repairs. This will allow them to transport multiple pieces of glass and other materials safely. A mobile windshield repair or replacement can be a great option for busy drivers who want to save time by having someone come to them. However, it is important to remember that mobile service providers may only have access to some of the equipment that an in-shop glass repair or replacement shop does.


ADAS technology in vehicles can provide information to drivers in many ways, from alerting them of impending hazards, helping them navigate their vehicle, and even giving navigation on a map that superimposes real-time road imagery. It can also be used to pair with Bluetooth and smartphones for hands-free texting, phone dialing, and entertainment.

For instance, mobile auto glass repair St. Louis technicians use special technology to complete repairs and replacements safely, efficiently, and conveniently without compromising the integrity of today’s advanced safety features in your car. These include automatic windshield wipers, headlights, and dashboards with heads-up displays. Technicians are also trained to install windshields and other glass components on clean, dry car frames. This is important because snow and rain can cause the adhesive used in these installations to become compromised, causing the glass to fail and possibly result in a total loss. 


Before a technician can work on your car, they must undergo training to become certified in auto glass repair. This can take six months and a year, depending on the type of program they choose to attend. Certification is a way for technicians to demonstrate their expertise and prove they have the knowledge to perform auto glass repair and replacement correctly. It also can help to increase their employment opportunities. A certified technician is trained to ensure that the glass they replace is installed according to the manufacturer’s standards. This helps ensure that your glass will be safe to drive on and last for a long time. The National Glass Association (NGA) offers a Certified Auto Glass Technician Program that has two levels: CAGT and CMAGT. Both programs require testing plus six months of experience in auto glass installation.

Customer Service

Mobile auto glass replacement and repair is a great way to keep peace of mind on the road, particularly when navigating a big city’s busy streets. However, you should be sure to select a trustworthy and reliable company. The right company can make getting your vehicle fixed as smooth as possible. Using the latest mobile technology, our technicians will make replacing damaged or cracked glass a breeze. You can schedule a mobile service appointment for your car or truck. Our state-of-the-art mobile fleet can handle small chip repairs to large windshield replacements. From start to finish, your safety is our top priority. That’s why we only use the most trusted products from the best manufacturers.

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