New Generation Of The Irizar Ie Bus Launched

The new generation of the Irizar ie bus, the zero-emission electric bus launched in July 2014, has now arrived on the market with the latest technological and design innovations.


This bus model has been operating since 2014 in different climate conditions in several European cities. The experience and data obtained in recent years demonstrate the reliability and safety of this vehicle.

This new generation, available in 10, 12, 15 and 18 metres, incorporates innovations and new batteries. The space has been optimised, achieving greater passenger capacity and improved modularity.

In the new Irizar ie bus, we offer up to 5 interoperable slow charging point positions using a combo 2 connector.

Charging time has decreased and the vehicle can be slow charged in 3 hours. There is also the option of fast charging via pantograph. The charging capacity can vary from 50 kW to 600 kW.

A design for the future

The bus has been equipped with a new exterior and interior design, achieving a more attractive, efficient, reliable and safe vehicle.

The front end, with a more pronounced and elegant touch, is increasingly similar to the aesthetic features of Irizar products. The interior design has also been modified so that some of the Irizar ie tram’s features may be incorporated, including large windows, side lighting or screens above the windows, among others.

A safer vehicle

In addition to complying with the rollover safety regulations, ECE-R66/02, the European regulation that measures the structural strength of large passenger transport vehicles, the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System), an acoustic warning system that complies with R138, has now been incorporated.

A new dashboard which complies with fire regulations 118R annex 6, 7, and 8 has also been included.

Improved vehicle maintenance

The new generation of the Irizar ie bus enables easier and more ergonomic vehicle maintenance based on optimised and improved accesses at different points.

Irizar Group Technology

The new generation of the 12 m Irizar ie bus also includes the Group’s full range of technology for its charging, traction and energy storage systems. This highly tested and proven technology enables our operators to offer comprehensive maintenance service for the entire life of the vehicle.

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