Nissan Releases All-New NV350 Caravan Wide Body

NV350 Caravan Wide Body

NV350 Caravan Wide Body

Dec 10, 2012– Yokohama, Japan  (AutoRreleased) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced that the all-new NV350 Caravan Wide Body will be available at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan starting today.

Since its release in June 2012, the NV350 Caravan has been highly rated from customers for its superior fuel economy, design features, cargo space and advanced equipment offerings, reaching cumulative registrations of approx. 12,000 units as of end November in only five months after its launch. As the newest edition to the NV350 model family, the wide version features a dynamic and wider body design and more cabin space. The vehicle is available in a microbus or van model, providing more options to the NV350 lineup.

The wide body’s exterior has a clean and modern design look that emphasizes the vehicle’s ample cabin space. The interior in the microbus model can accommodate up to 14 passengers comfortably with generous leg room between each row of seating. The van model’s interior is 1,730mm across, which provides an additional 185mm compared to the standard NV350 Caravan. This ensures ample cargo space of up to 8,400L.1 The vehicle’s wide cargo door also means cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded.

The wide version also offers best-in-class fuel economy. The YD25DDTi engine takes advantage of clean-diesel technology to achieve best-in-class fuel economy of 11.2 km per liter for the microbus model and 11.8 km per liter for the van model, each based on Japan’s JC08 mode test cycle. The QR25DE gasoline engine also provides 8.6 km per liter for the microbus model and 8.8 km per liter for the van model, each an improvement upon the standard NV350 Caravan.

The clean-diesel powered NV350 Caravan Wide Version achieves a 10 percent improvement in fuel economy over Japan’s 2015 fuel economy standard, while models equipped with the gasoline engine are fully compliant with this same fuel economy standard. Clean-diesel models also are fully compliant with Japan’s 2009 exhaust emission regulation (Post New Long Term Regulation) formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. As such, they qualify for preferential tax breaks under the Japanese tax system that promotes environmentally friendly vehicles.2

Pricing for the NV350 Caravan Wide Body ranges from 2,315,250 yen to 3,322,200 yen, including consumption tax.

1   Van DX with six seats and three passengers. Calculated by multiplying cargo floor length by height by width.
2   Refer to the NV350 Caravan website for details of the preferential tax scheme for environmentally friendly vehicles.

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