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Many families avoid travel because they see it as a hassle, but they are actually missing out on an opportunity to enjoy a terrific experience with their spouse and children. The old fashioned road trip can expose children as well as adults to how different areas of this country vary in looks, design, and culture. The following are a few tips that can make you more eager to plan a family road trip for your next vacation.

family road trip

Choose the Right Vehicle

Don’t pack everyone into one extremely small car and expect anyone to be happy. Larger cars and SUVs are well worth the added costs. Even though it’s stereotypical for the parents to drive a min-van, you might want to actually consider taking a min-van or full size van. Don’t let limitations hold you back. Wheel chair accessible vans for sale in Georgia from R&R Mobility allow every member of the family to come along.

Take Your Time

Thinking that you can drive through the night non-stop is a common mistake people make on road trips. You will arrive at your destination quicker, but you will have robbed yourself of the best part of the journey. Take your time, and stop at overlooks, welcome centers, and other places of interest along the way. You’ll stay rested, and the family will actually know where they have been.

Provide Entertainment

No one wants to sit still in a car with nothing to do for hours on end. There are several ways to entertain the troops. Play games that involve the entire family like trivia or “I spy.” Keep coloring and puzzle books handy for children and magazines or that novel you’ve been meaning to start for the adults. Portable DVD players can be enjoyed by all ages, and working on a vacation scrap book as you travel along can become a wonderful souvenir.

Now that you know how to avoid some of the top irritations associated with a road trip, you can start planning your next highway adventure. Get the kids involved by going online to research different areas, watch travel shows on TV, or go old school and get out that old relic known as a road atlas. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have.

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