Planning a road trip? Here’s four essentials for your upcoming adventure

Something for the Downtime

Driving along long stretches of road eventually starts to take its burden on any driver. You should prepare for some downtime. Stop over when you see any parks where you could throw a frisbee around or kickabout with a football. Not only will this give you some much needed exercise after being stuck in a car most of the day, the break will keep you mentally sharp when you return to the road.

Road tripBetter Memories

Whatever your destination, you’ll make lots of memories along the way. Make sure you have a camera to take snaps of any landmarks or just as a reminder of how you were feeling that day. If you plan to use the camera on your smartphone, remember there’ll be moments everyday where you have to charge it so bring along a spare battery or bring a digital camera as well. These have much longer batteries and most likely take better pictures than your smartphone does anyway. The only downside is your can’t upload them to Instagram right away.

Stay Comfortable

The Highway Code recommends that you take a break of at least 15 minutes for every two hours that you drive. If anyone else in the car is able to legally take over, switch over regularly so no-one starts to feel burned out. Bring a pillow or two and a small blanket to keep you comfortable and remember to wear appropriate clothing for the journey. Your skinny jeans might look great, but no-one can seem them while you’re in the car. After a few hours at the wheel they might not seem like such a good idea.

Keeping Safe

That’s right. A road trip is about having fun, but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. Even if your car checks out before you start the journey, that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of any problems along the way. A punctured tyre, flat battery, or mechanical breakdown are all accidents waiting to happen. Breakdown Direct offer 24-hour breakdown assistance to drivers both in the UK and Europe and aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

No matter how scrupulously you plan your trip, there’s always a couple of things you end up forgetting Most of the time these are easily replaceable – a pair of sunglasses can be picked up from a petrol station – but remember these four tips for the ultimate road trip.

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