Pros And Cons Of Dealer Servicing For Your Subaru

Do you own a Subaru car? If so, you probably take your car to the dealer to have any servicing or repair work done to it.
Many people do this, because a repair shop that is operated under franchise through a car’s manufacturer will repair cars according to training from the automaker, and they will be using only genuine parts – so in this case, a Subaru dealer will use only Subaru-branded parts for your Japanese masterpiece.

Subaru But not all people get their Subaru cars serviced and repaired by Subaru dealers; a large number of people prefer to use auto repair shops that are independently-owned and specialist in one or more car marques.

So, what should you be doing? Should you be going to Subaru or an independent auto repair shop? Here are the pros and cons to using a Subaru dealer for your servicing and repair needs, so that you can decide which option is best for you.

Pro: your car will be repaired by Subaru-trained technicians

If you take your Impreza, Forester or another model car to a Subaru dealer, you can be rest assured that your car is in the capable hands of a technician that was actually trained by Subaru themselves.

Because they only work on Subaru cars, they will be highly experienced in determining the source of any specific problems, and they will be able to repair your car as quickly and efficiently as possible – this means you will spend less time off the road!

Con: they are expensive for older Subarus

Should you be the proud owner of a 20-year old Subaru Justy, you probably won’t want to be taking your Subaru to be serviced and repaired by the dealer. There are several reasons for this; firstly, many parts will be obsolete and can only be sourced through a specialist Subaru service center.

Secondly, the technicians at a Subaru dealer might not have much knowledge or experience when it comes to repairing older models such as yours. Lastly, labor charges for any work carried out will probably amount to more than the value of your car!

Pro: dealership work is guaranteed

Any work that is carried out from a Subaru dealer will be guaranteed. This means if your car develops a fault as a result of faulty parts or incorrect installation of those parts, the dealership will guarantee that any issues will be rectified.

Getting any work carried out by a non-Subaru dealership, on the other hand, can be something of a lottery as you don’t really know how good (or bad) an independent auto repair shop is going to be when you entrust your car into their care.

Con: you are just another face in the crowd

Because of the high volume of customers and cars that pass through the doors of a dealership on a daily basis, you won’t be assured the sort of personal service that you would typically associate with an independent auto repair shop.

Sadly, not all mechanics have the same level of skills, expertise and common sense, so that fantastic repair job you had done a few months ago from one mechanic might not be so fantastic when another mechanic works on your car.

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